Emberumanar 1000
May 01, 2017
Tamil year: Hevilambi, Month: Chithirai, Star: Thiruvadhirai
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A humble beginning to celebrate the 1000th year Thirunaksatram of our great Jagadacharya Sri Ramanujacharya. What more could we do than just follow his guidelines and commands. The Acharya's great desire for Thirunarayanapuram is undoubtedly explained in his Divyajnya - Reside at Thirunarayanapuram even if by building a small hut. The desire for a residence here has grown ever since that today; the town being very small could not accommodate many but for a selected few. As a blessing for those desired few disciples of the Acharya, a community in heart of the town is proposed.

Unlike the other cities which expand beyond their city limits, there was no meaning in staying in the surrounding villages as the Srivaishnava was told to be a resident of this town not the surrounding villages. The lack of space in this little holy hamlet and the desire of many Srivaishnavas world over, added by the high cost of real-estate (led by the short-supply and raise in demand), we proposed an Community concept initiating vertical growth in the town. With a divine blessing of Acharya proposed one last location within the town limits finding a place right on the temple main Road with a view of Yoga Narasimhar temple vimanam on the other side diagonally opposite to the Govt. Guest Bungalow, added with the extra luxury of comfort one is exposed to in the city living; be it the elevator, generator, etc. This is aimed at doubling the Srivaishnava population in the town by bringing back many old residents who had migrated as well as few new families.

Welcoming you once again to this temple town of Melkote - a town most admired and desired by Acharya Sri Ramanuja.

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