Emberumanar 1000
May 01, 2017
Tamil year: Hevilambi, Month: Chithirai, Star: Thiruvadhirai
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Sri Ramanuja Granthamalaa

The tradition of a faith is the sampradayam. This sampradayam carries a message and has a purpose. The seeker or a follower of this tradition has always been continuously wanting literature to support the system and usually these are supplemented in the form of Granthas both knowledge based and ritualistic based. Our doctrine of Visistadvaitha re-established by Jagadacharya Sri Ramanuja has always stressed on the union of these two literature and has made these as one literature available as a doctrine for upliftment of Souls. These doctrines; we take an opportunity here to call them as Granthas or a garland of Granthas called Sri Ramanuja Granthamala. In this effort it is proposed for the benefit of seekers with no Sanskrit and tamil knowledge; 108 of these Granthas translated and transliterated into lucid English is being made available.

The Granthas range to a varied audience from a Stotra to a Divyaprabhandam and more advanced readers of Vedanta. All texts transliterated into English with translations and inner esoteric meaning all in a lucid style to effectively support and encourage every reader to utilize.

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