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May 01, 2017
Tamil year: Hevilambi, Month: Chithirai, Star: Thiruvadhirai
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Sri Ramanuja Megamalaa

The tribute to an Acharya is justified when his disciples follow his guidelines. These guidelines laid out in this sampradayam have come from a lineage of Acharyas and re-established by Ramanuja and his successors till date. The lineage of Guruparampara has been more like a oral vedic tradition which over a period of time been documented in the form of works establishing the doctrine of Srivaishnavism and more truthfully exposing the essence of the Prasthanatraya- Brahmasutras, Bhagavat Gita and the Upanishads. Sri Ramanuja Meghamala is a effort in pursuit to preserve rich traditional outpourings of yesteryear Scholars in the form of their Audio renderings and publications.

This effort is a move to preserve the vast tradition of knowledge and practices described and established by our Acharyas. Further this effort preserves a vast collection of Audio and scanned archives accumulated since 1982 till date. The current archive more than a hundred thousand records both mp3 and .pdf files have been uploaded to a state-of-art cloud storage to be accessed worldwide based on the profile of the information seeker and his requirements. The variety of data made available suits to varied profile of people ranging from a simple knowledge seeker to a Scholar.

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