Emberumanar 1000
May 01, 2017
Tamil year: Hevilambi, Month: Chithirai, Star: Thiruvadhirai
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Sri Ramanuja Vani

The value for time and valuation of content is a continuous process to measure and in this information age a huge volume of data to be accumulated or absorbed in the smallest amount of time is the essence of the age. To encourage the disciples of Ramanuja assimilate the purport of the established doctrine in the shortest of durations and easiest of effort, Sri Ramanuja Vani is created for all such desired Sriviahshnavas. This Vani is a collection of a 1000 voices of Ramanuja; each with a message and purport.

The easy method is not an end route to assimilate everything always but is an effort to promote a soul and encourage him take a detailed study of the outpourings of the Acharya. This effort is bring together the voices of Ramanuja from his nine gems, muktakas and pasuras is a collaborative effort of both the publisher and the reader; meaning should encourage the reader to question the passage and yearn to learn more.

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