Project Nityavasam


Encouraging community living

The project Nityavasam was announced in 2014 to promote intellectual population reside at Melkote and this was completed in March 2017 and JIRF handed over possession of these Thirumalige’s 24 Malige’s(residential units) to Acharya Purushas from all over to come and reside in this temple town thereby promoting Gyaan Samruddhi (Knowledge-dissemination) and encouraging harmonious community living here in the temple town of Melkote. The 24 Acharya Thirumalige’s are occupied today and the number 24 depicts the 24 Divya Prabhandhams(compositions) in the Nalayira Divya Prabhandham – the composition of Dravidian Saints(Azhwars).

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