Emberumanar 1000
May 01, 2017
Tamil year: Hevilambi, Month: Chithirai, Star: Thiruvadhirai
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The Srivaishnava community is addressed to as the Dasa Vargas of Sriman Narayana. The Saints & Acharyas who practiced & preached this school are ambassadors of Sriman Narayana who have left behind the riches they enjoyed in their association with the Lord.

The list of Saints, Acharyas & Scholars who descended to this planet is endless, however this community is ever grateful to these souls. Ever since then this community & this planet has always possessed the rich knowledge of their philosophy. The paramparai of Acharyas preaching the supreme philosophy is still blessed to us in the form of Acharyas, Scholars & Writers. This community at large is very grateful to the people who have stood with us and provided the rich knowledge of this Sampradayam for the betterment of the souls.

The list is however endless but this page is devoted to these wonderful Vidwans who have contributed their knowledge to be disseminated through the world wide web.

For & on behalf of
Ayee Narasimha Sreesanudasan
Bangalore, India

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