“The tradition of a faith is the sampradayam. This sampradayam carries a message and has a purpose. The seeker or a follower of this tradition has always been continuously wanting literature to support the system and usually these are supplemented in the form of Granthas both knowledge based and ritual based.”
– Dasanudasan, Ayee Narasimhan

Our doctrine of Visistadvaitha re-established by Jagadacharya Sri Ramanuja has always stressed on the union of these two literature and has made this as one literature available as a doctrine for upliftment of Souls. This doctrine; documented as Granthas or a garland of Granthas called Sri Ramanuja Granthamala. In this effort it is proposed for the benefit of seekers, to provide i). Ebooks-original text/commentaries(Moolam) in multi language scripts ii). Ebooks-lucid English translations, suitable for both beginners & advanced study of Vedanta, effectively supporting & encouraging every reader to utilize.