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Activities at Advanced Study & Research Centre

at Melkote


Grantha Prakasanam-Pravartanam

Publish unpublished manuscripts and identify Research Scholars to train them on the contents of these advanced titles by our panel of Sr.Scholars. Some unpublished titles include Srutaprakasika Toolika, Naya Prakasika, Champakeseeya, etc (more than 150 titles in our possession and many more are identified for procurement)

Grantha Kaalaksepa Parampara

Digitize/Archive all traditional texts delivered by the panel of our SrScholars. Some advanced titles include : PanchaVijayam, Vaadavazhi, Rahasyatraya/Srivacanabhusana Meemaamsa Bhasyam, Sidditrayam, Nyaya Siddanjanam, Sarvartasiddi, TattvaTika etc. (around 140 titles identified to be prioritized immediately)

Sri Ramanuja Granthamala and Sri Ramanuja Meghamala are two initiatives from JIRF in promoting and preserving the rich tenets of the Srivaishnava lineage.


Translation/Transliteration of texts/commentaries in Indian/Foreign languages. (More than 800 universities/Academic institutions across the globe host a Dept. of Theology/philosophy. These texts/titles to reach all these institutions and to the benefit of the academic community.

Vaakyartha Sadas

Conducting weekly Sadas, Promoting/reviving this tradition of Group Discussion/Debating for induction of more Research Scholars to the community.