Perumal (Lord) *Anantapadmanabhan* Posture: Bujanga Sayanam (Ananta Sayanam) Thirumugamandalam: East
Thayar(Lakshmi) *Sriharilakshmi.*
Pushkarni Matsya Theertham, Padma Theertham, Varaha Theertham.
Vimanam Hemakooda Vimanam.
Pratyaksham Indra, Chandra, Ekadasa Rudras.
Mangalasasan Nammazhwar(11) Total – 11 pasurams
Vishesh Of all the Sayana Perumals, the one at this Kshetra is one of the largest. To have complete darshan of the Siras(Head), body and Pada(Feet), one has to view from the three entrances. On the south side of the compound there is a Sannadhi for Yoga Nrisimha with Hanuman in front and Krishna at the rear of the Sannadhi. The temple for Lakshmi Hayagriva and Srinivasa is on the south side. As per the Sthala purana , at the request of Diwakara yogi, Lord took the huge form of the size of Tridanda so as to have darshan from the three entrances. Anantasayana vrada is considered very important here.
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