Perumal (Lord) 1. *Ahobila Nrisimha* Posture: Sitting in Chakrsana Thirumugamandalam: East(Main temple) 2. *Jwala Nrisimha* 3. *Malola Nrisimha* 4. *Kroda Nrisimha* 5. *Karanja Nrisimha* 6. *Bhargava Nrisimha* 7. *Yogananda Nrisimha* 8. *Kshatravata Nrisimha* 9. *Pavana(Holy) Nrisimha*
Thayar(Lakshmi) *Lakshmi, Senjulakshmi, Amrutavalli.*
Pushkarni Pavanashini, Bhargava, Indra,Nrisimha, Gaja Theerthams.
Vimanam Guhai (Cave).
Pratyaksham Prahlada, AdivanSatakopan.
Vishesh As per Sthalapurana, Garuda performed Tapas to have the Darshan of Nrisimha of Vibhavathara. Granting the boon to Garuda, the Lord settled amidst the hills and dense forests in nine different forms mentioned above. Hence this holy hill is called Garudadri, Garudachalam and Garudasailam. It is believed that the Lord killed Hiranyakasipu and saved Prahlada at this Kshetra. As Lord forgetting even the Srivakunta settled here, Mahalakshmi took avatar in the Hunter family and married the Lord and hence called Senulakshmi (Senju – Hunterfolk). There is temple for Prahladavarda at lower Ahobilam.
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