Perumal (Lord) *Srivaikuntanathan – Kallapiran* Posture: Standing Thirumugamandalam: East
Thayar(Lakshmi) *Vaikuntavalli, Bhoodevi.*
Pushkarni Brugu Theertham, Tamarabarani River.
Vimanam Chandra Vimanam
Pratyaksham Brugu Chakravarthy, Indra.
Mangalasasan Nammazhwar (2) Total – 2 pasurams
Vishesh The standing posture of the Lord with Adisesha is a unique feature of this kshetra. As per Sthalapurana, Kaladushaka – a thief – used to donate half of of the loot. Once , when caught stealing in the kings palace, he meditated on Lord. Lord entered his body and preached Vedanta to the king and then displayed his True form to both the king and the thief. At the request of the king, he took the name Kallappiran (Kallan – Thief). Brahma after praying the Lord here regained the srushti gnana which was taken away by the demon king Somaka.
Route About 2.5 kms from Srivaikunta on the Tirunelveli Tiruchendur route and about 26 kms from Tirunelveli by road.

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