Kshetram Kancheepuram.
Perumal (Lord) *Vijayaraghava Perumal* Posture: Sitting Thirumugamandalam: West
Thayar(Lakshmi) *Maragathavalli Thayar.*
Pushkarni Jatayu Theertham.
Vimanam Vijayakoti (Veerakoti) Vimanam.
Pratyaksham Jatayu.
Mangalasasan Tirumangai Azhwar(2) Total – 2 pasurams
Vishesh As per sthalapurana, Srirama stayed here when He came in search of Sita. The Lord offered Tarpana (Jalanjali – Offering of water and Til) and gave moksha to Jatayu here and created Jatayu Theertham. Hence the Kshetra is called TiruPulKuzhi. In the Jatayu Sannadhi opposite the temple, the Lord gives darshan with Jatayu on His lap and performing the last rites. Unable to bear this sight, the Ubhaya Nacchiyars look away in their positions interchanged. Persons not blessed with children, tie roasted and subsequently wet seeds around their hips. It is believed that if the seed sprouts then the couple will be blessed with a child. The Thayar is called maragatavalli, since even the roasted seeds sprouts due to Her blessings. YadavaPrakasa Bhagwat Ramanuja’s guru and who subsequently became his disciple) taught Porrvapaksha Vedanta to disciples here.
Route About 11 kms from Kancheepurma and about 80 kms from madras on the Madras – Vellore road.
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