Perumal (Lord) *Vadabadrasai* Posture: Bujanga Sayanam Thirumugamandalam:East Moolavar: *Rangamannar* Posture: Standing Thirumugamandalam:East
Thayar(Lakshmi) *Andal* (Godha Nacchiyar).
Pushkarni Tirumukkulam
Vimanam Samsana Vimanam
Pratyaksham Mandoogamuni, Periazhwar.
Mangalasasan Periazhwar(1) , Andal(1) Total – 2 pasurams
Vishesh Avathara sthala of Periazhwar and Andal. Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam married Andal here. Andal and Garudazhwar are on either side of the Lord in standing posture. The standing posture of Garuda near the Lord is unique feature of this place. The Araiyar seva, like in Srirangam, is very famous. The place is named after the hunter kings Villi and Putthan who built this town and their ../images are installed in the temple. Periazhwar who was performing Pushpa kanikaryam for the Temple , one day found Andal wearing the garlands meant for Lord. That day Azhwar offered fresh garland to the Lord but the Lord refused to wear any other garland except the one used by Andal and hence Andal is called “Choodi Kuduttha Nacchiyar”.
Route About 2.4 kms from Srivilliputhur station on the Tenkasi – Virudunagar route.
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