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TEXT : The original text(Sanskrit/Tamil) is set to UNICODE.
SEARCH BAR : Allows indexed search with-in a book and across other books listed in the tree for easy access.
HYPERLINKS : Directly leads you to the referred text from the link.
PUBLICATIONS : Scroll down to the bottom of the book-display to access published works on the same title.
LECTURES : Scroll down to the bottom of the book-display to access audio renderings on the text which is uploaded by many Scholars promoting access to collaborative-content.
VOICE ASSISTANCE : Integrated with Text-To-Voice for easy reading of the texts in Sanskrit/Tamil, also promoting Reading-without-Seeing suitable even to the blind and people with poor-vision, discouraging transliterations to other language Scripts.
CURATION : Integrated with a thesaurus  of compiled words with their commentaries displayed on mouse-over as delivered in the commentary tradition.

This effort is a move to preserve the vast tradition of knowledge re-established by our Acharyas. Further this preserves a vast collection of  archives accumulated in the last several decades; uploaded to a state-of-art cloud storage to be accessed worldwide based on the profile of the information seeker and his requirements. The variety of data made available suits to varied profile of people ranging from a simple knowledge seeker to a Scholar. The integrated Search-bar with hyperlinks, Text-to-voice, with associated audio and print archive allows users to locate content online, promoting advanced research and teaching in sustainable ways-“Bahudhaa Srotavya-Bahunaa Srotavya”. This effort also discourages the resource-utilization in print-media by publishers in re-printing many books, giving all the material to Read-Hear-Understand Indian literature and philosophy promoting e-research and e-learning.

The knowledge tree below gives a overview of contents made available in this digital archive.

  • Sri Ramanuja Granthamala

    The tradition of a faith is the sampradayam. This sampradayam carries a message and has a purpose. Read More..
  • E-Koppalu Project

    KOPPALU is a Eco-Retreat of its kind designed to be a model community of 60 residential units promoted. Read More..
  • Academic Exchange Program

    Academic exchange programs provide students with an opportunity to study in a different environment experiencing the history and culture of another geographical location.
    Read More..
  • Divya Deshams

    View All
  • Frequently Asked Questions
The contents are classified and access is granted based on the profile of the seeker as registered in your registration. In case you have not registered as yet, kindly register here or Login

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Note : All the above titles are uploaded in the Cloud(approx 2TB of data) with related multiple publications(in many language scripts) and associated multiple audio renderings(in many spoken languages) in a move to preserve the treasure of works & rendering of Mahavidwans; some might have poor quality; request all to bear with the available resources.

The contents are classified based on the abilities of the seeker sought

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